Colour Me! 4D+ Has Been Launched

Colour Me! 4D+ Has Been Launched


Following on from the success of the Octaland 4D+ augmented reality flashcards, Octagon Studio has recently released Colour Me! 4D+ book featuring the full set, A-Z, of Octaland characters. However, Colour Me! 4D+ is no ordinary colouring book. Youngsters can personalise these popular characters with their own designs, patterns, text, or colours and then delight as they spring to life from the pages of the book. From Albert the Astronaut to Zac the Zoo Keeper, the Colour Me! 4D+ book combines fun, creativity and learning. Colour Me! 4D+ adds a whole new dimension to the very traditional children’s activity of colouring, whilst perfectly blending traditional activities with technology. So, download the app, have a device at the ready, set the kids up with crayons, pencils, markers or paints and let them loose with their imagination and unique style and creativity.

Download Octaland 4D+ App for free:
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