Introducing Augmented Reality Technology to The Fashion Industry

Introducing Augmented Reality Technology to The Fashion Industry

London, March 2016 – The Augmented Reality Company, Octagon Studio is delighted to be attending the Wearable Technology Show at the ExCel Convention Centre in London on the 15th and 16th of March 2016.

Octagon Studio returns to the Wearable Technology Show 2016 with our new and exciting range of products. This year we are pleased to announce the launch of our Augmented Reality clothing collection and wearable headset. The Augmented Reality clothing collection gives a fun twist to casual wear, as a ‘hidden world’ is revealed on your mobile device. Visit our booth, check out our AR clothing collection and experience firsthand how the AR images spring to life. Simply download the Wear 4D+ mobile app for free and scan a garment of your choice to reveal a hidden surprise; what you wear is no longer what it appears to be! We are also pleased to announce the introduction of the Dinosaur 4D+ to the UK market. Dinosaur 4D+ is a pack of Augmented Reality Flashcards, which, when seen through a mobile device, brings these fascinating prehistoric creatures to life. Interact with them simply by tapping the screen, expand your knowledge about the Tyrannosaurus Rex and others through the facts displayed, and notch up the fun by accessing the application using our VR Luna headset. Imagine seeing the Pterosaurs soar directly over your head!

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More of What We Have to Offer
AR and VR enthusiasts can immerse themselves in the Virtual Reality experiences by using our durable, lightweight, and affordable VR Luna headset. Compatible with most modern smartphones, VR Luna utilizes the smartphone’s gyroscope to track the users’ head movement; providing 360-degree view in Virtual Tours and various virtual worlds anyone would love to visit. With comfort, portability, and convenience in mind, VR Luna is here to accommodate both innovative learning and on-the-go entertainment. Delivering the message of ‘learning is fun’ especially to young learners is one of our goals, and we are excited to exhibit our series of Augmented Reality flashcards. Besides Dinosaur 4D+, we have Animal 4D+, Space 4D+ and Octaland 4D+. These can all be easily navigated with the use of a mobile device. Children can learn their ABCs alongside interactively animated 4D animals and various occupations through Animal 4D+ and Octaland 4D+. Space 4D+ invites users to explore the solar system, planets, space objects, and the marvels of the outer space.

The era of AR and VR technology is truly here and the constant development of this technology is moving rapidly. At Octagon Studio, we are very excited to be part of these developments. We are delighted to be a part of the Wearable Technology Show for the second time, we would like to invite people to come and experience our AR and VR products for themselves, said Michael Healy, CEO of Octagon Studio.