Augmented Reality
to your business

XR Solutions by Octagon Studio XR Solutions by Octagon Studio

Improve your business with a little augmented magic! Whether through our web platform,
licensable app or a customized app, we offer our Extended Reality (XR) solutions to help you simplify
complex information delivery, excite and engage your target audience with innovative digital experiences.

AR Apps Creation – XR Solutions by Octagon Studio

Octagon Studio specializes in creating high-quality augmented reality (AR) apps that cater to various industries. Their innovative XR solutions provide unique experiences for education, entertainment, retail, and marketing. With a team of experienced developers and designers, Octagon Studio is able to create custom AR apps that meet the specific needs of their clients.

AR Apps Licensing

Octagon Studio offers licensing options for their AR apps, providing businesses with the opportunity to integrate their innovative XR technology into their own products and services. With flexible licensing options and a range of customizations available, businesses can easily add AR functionality to their existing offerings. Octagon Studio’s licensing options make it easy and affordable for businesses to leverage the power of XR technology.

Web AR

Octagon Studio’s Web AR solution allows users to experience augmented reality right in their web browser, and eliminating the need for a dedicated app. This innovative technology provides a seamless user experience, enabling businesses to easily incorporate AR into their websites and marketing campaigns. With Web AR, users can interact with virtual elements in a way that was previously impossible, and providing an immersive and engaging experience.

IP Creation – XR Solutions by Octagon Studio

Octagon Studio’s ip product, Octaland Town, exemplifies their commitment to creating high-quality, and innovative XR solutions. The interactive AR experience teaches children about daily life. The unique characters and detailed world showcase Octagon Studio’s expertise in IP creation. Octaland Town is just one example of their leadership in the AR industry.

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