Frequently Asked Questions

Store Location
To get our products or contact our distributors in your area, please visit this link.
Products and Purchase
What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology which enhances the user’s reality by superimposing digital information in the form of images, videos and 3D objects. This additional layer of digital information is imposed and displayed through the use of a visual output display, which is often in the form of a smartphone or a similar device. As a result, the user’s immediate environment is augmented and enhanced.
The product I received is not what I ordered
We truly apologize for the incorrect product(s) that you received. We will make it right. Could you please send us a photo of the product along with your contact details to We would replace the product(s) with a correct one.
I’m interested in your product. Could you please tell me which cards are still available?
You can check the availability of our cards through our webstore, select your country of residence and you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can purchase our products.
Do you have any items on sale?
Sales and promotions vary from stockist to stockist. Please visit this link to find our stockist in your area.
Where do you ship your products from?
Unless your're purchasing from our official distributors' webstores, we will ship from Indonesia or Ireland depends on product availability in both warehouses.
How do I place an order on the website?
Click on the Shop button on the top right corner of your screen.
Is there a way to try the cards before purchasing?
Yes, we have free sample cards for each of our 4D+ flashcards. Simply visit the 4D+ Flashcards section on the Products & Services tab and click on the sample download button for each product.
Do you have any videos for all the products?
Yes, we do. We have numerous videos about our products including How-to videos and new launches that you can see on our youtube page through this link.
I want to help promoting your brand, can you send me a package of all your product lines for free?
We’re sorry, but we do not send out free flashcards unless we have a mutual interest to become business partners. However, we do offer bulk purchase option starting from 300 packs of cards with special price. Please contact our customer service at for more information and assistance on bulk purchase.
Any plan on adding more language options to your apps?
We are working on integrating as many languages as we can onto our apps. However we prioritize the languages of countries where we have active distributors, so that we may support and boost their sales performance.
Can I get more information about the HoloPrism? Where can I buy one?
Holoprism is a holographic projector which allows the user to project the characters from Octagon Studio Augmented Reality Flashcard series into the real world in 360 degree viewing angle. You can summon the animals, dinosaurs, and space objects from Octagon Animal 4D+, Dinosaur 4D+, and Space 4D+ apps to the real world! It is currently available only for Asia market and for countries that do not need CE certification.
Where can I purchase Octagon Studio's VR & AR Glasses?
The Octagon VR Luna has been discontinued and will no longer be available for purchase, whilst Octagon AR Titan is still a prototype only.
Where is my serial number?
Your serial number is located on the instruction card inside all of our flashcards' series. One serial number can be used for registering up to 3 devices.
Do you have in-store displays?
Yes, we do provide a display stand design for stockists and retail partners to display our products in stores. We also use point of purchase display with a small screen to make the cards stand out and eye-catching.
My serial number is lost, damaged, or has been registered 3 times in previous devices.
No worries! We can help to reset the serial number for you, so that you can register the same serial number to your devices. Please bear in mind that 1 serial number can be used on maximum 3 devices. For lost or damaged serial numbers, please send us an email to with your card line (Space, Animal, etc) and your serial number.
Can I have a promotion code or educational discount for my school?
Unless there is a special promotion, we cannot give you discounted price for the cards. However, you can get additional serial numbers for school use based on the amount of cards you purchase. Procedure: Official Letter from school, signed by person in charge of the institution. 4D Flashcards School package: - Get 10 serial numbers for 5 packs of flashcards - Get 20 serial numbers for 10 packs of flashcards - Get 35 serial numbers for 15 packs of flashacrds - Get 70 serial numbers for 20 packs of flashcards *) This policy may vary among distributors
How to reuse a serial number that has been registered on 3 devices?
Tap the ‘Tools’ button on the app, tap ‘Registration’, and tap ‘Deauthorize’. Your serial number will be deauthorized from the device you are using and is available for registration on one other device.
Can we use the same card pack for multiple gadgets?
Yes, you can. One serial number is available to be registered on 3 devices.
Shipping and Delivery
Do you offer international shipping? How much is the shipping cost?
Yes, we do. You may check your total shipping cost during the order checkout process on our web store.
Is there any country, city, or area you cannot deliver to?
We deliver worldwide! Complete address will be much appreciated.
What if I am not at home when the package arrives? Where is my tracking number?
Once your order is on its way, you will receive the tracking number on your order invoice via e-mail. You could track your shipment and contact the shipping courier to inquire about your package should they arrive when you're not at home. Feel free to also reach us for assistance!
Can you speed up the delivery?
We’re sorry, but once the order is dispatched, we have no control over the shipment process by the shipping provider.
Do you deliver on weekends and holidays?
Sorry, as our office is closed on the weekends and on national holidays in Indonesia, we only ship on business days.
Can I schedule the date of delivery?
After we received your payment, your order will be shipped on the next business day. However, feel free to reach us at should you need any special arrangement, and we will try to help you as best as we can!
I can’t track my order on courier tracking page.
No worries! We will contact them for you. Please mail us your order ID, shipping provider, and your tracking number to
Do you do drop shipping?
We’re sorry that we do not do drop shipping at the moment.
Can I be an official reseller?
Yes, for more information on reselling opportunities, get in contact via
Is it okay to give away remaining product stocks as gifts on social media platforms?
Yes, you may give away our products through your social media accounts.
Can I add or change the sound of your animated 3D models or AR experience?
Yes, you can. Just please let us know beforehand.
If I want to make an AR T-Shirt with your Wear 4D+ app, would a T-Shirt with glow-in-the-dark image work with the app?
Yes, it can. Glow-in-the-dark images can be perfectly implemented into Wear 4D+ without disrupting the AR content. For your information, please click here for a glow-in-the-dark Wear 4D+ design that we have developed.
How can we improve the existing 4D animation that we have chosen earlier?
The default development timeline to create a standard 4D design is 1 month for 4 designs. This is put in place so that the 3D model, animation, props, and sounds can be properly developed. Please let us know the exact date of the t-shirt launch so we can properly prepare the 4D development.
We have faced errors (not identifying the image, etc.) while we were using the app. Then it was solved by turning off and on the app. Is it normal?
Would you mind letting us know which phones you are using while scanning the image? We will report the problem to our technical team immediately.
Is it possible to get the link for another device with different UDID?
Yes, it is possible, but you would need to contact us first to acquire the link for another device.
Rough estimation for the cost.
Please contact our customer service to and they will provide you with the complete proposal.
Rough estimation for the development time.
The development time would be around 2 weeks until the animation is done. However, should the animation or the design is complex, there will be an additional cost. Also, the development time would increase to 3 or 4 weeks.
Will there be any additional cost/charge for the changes/corrections?
There will be no additional charge. But we will inform you should there be additional charges prior to development, which means we commence development pending your approval. The use of up to 40 graphics from our library does not incur any type of fee.
When we choose different designs from different themes such as Dinosaur and Occupation series, will consumers be able to see the 4D animation via a single app which is Wear 4D+?
Yes, consumers will be able to view the chosen 4D animation via the Wear 4D+ app.
How many designs/ready 3D animation do you have from which we can choose to print on the t-shirts?
- Animal 4D+ and Octaland 4D+ contain 26 characters ascending from A-Z.
- Space 4D+ that contains 38 objects, while Dinosaur 4D+ contains 20 characters.
- Cars 4D+ features 26 automobiles, while Humanoid 4D+ contains 6 objects.
How does the app recognize the image?
The app recognizes the images through the edges of each unique outlines. But please avoid repetitive patterns (such as grids) and printing on glossy material as the light reflection affects the AR trigger image.
Does the size of the image matter?
Size does matter, and we do have the smallest advisable dimensions.
Can we design a brand new image and link that image to your existing 4D animation?
Yes, you can. Please send us the images that you have designed prior to starting the production process. We would need to first examine your design and determine whether or not it would make a good marker.
Can we design any background behind the artworks you have on the flashcards and still be able to see the 4D animation using the app?
Yes, you can. Because the app recognizes the images through the edges of each unique outlines and contrast color. Therefore, please make sure there is sufficient contrast between the color of the background and the marker itself.
Which one do you have in your 3D library that is ready to use?
Everything in our 3D library is ready to be used.
Could you please let us know whether the videos should be in a special format / length, etc?
The video format should be in Full HD (1920px x 1080px) and MP4 if possible.
Can you tell me if you have a process for us to follow? Please include format options and size requirements.
The images sent through DropBox must meet the minimum requirements in terms of quality and size. JPEG files of the top of the t-shirts with minimum size of 2048 x 2048 px and a 150 dpi minimum resolution.
Are we allowed to use the files and customize them to our needs?
Yes, you are allowed to use and customize them, please keep us updated so it is aligned with our apps.
Technical Issues
The operating system versions of Android and IOS which are compatible with Octagon Studio's apps.
Our apps mostly work on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) & IOS 10.
Can anyone access the library without having the serial number? In terms of accessibility and available features, what are the differences in actually owning the cards and serial numbers?
That is correct, anyone who has downloaded our apps can have access to the library even without having to input the serial number. However, their access is limited to simply reading the objects’ description in the 3D library. To gain full access and features (e.g. on Dinosaur are Holoprism mode, AR/VR mode, Language Selection, etc.) one would require a set of serial number and the corresponding AR cards.
The serial number doesn’t work although it has yet to be registered on 3 devices.
No worries! Simply let us know which AR card series you own along with its serial number, we can help you reset it from our system. Afterwards, you can register the same serial number to your devices (maximum of 3 devices). Please send the details to
Any technical issues while downloading apps, device compatibility and graphics not showing up, black screen, app crash / forced closed, etc.
Please make sure that: - You have sufficient storage space on your phone. - Your smartphone's chipset is not Intel. - Your Android/iPhone OS are up-to-date. - You have downloaded the latest version of our app. - Your smartphone is not running out of RAM due to too many applications running at the simultaneously. - Your smartphone's camera is focused, and there is sufficient lighting on the cards (not too dark/too bright). - Kill the app and re-open it. - Go to Settings > Application > App Name and set all options in the Permission section to ON (camera, storage, telephone, etc). - Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play Store and Clear Cache and Clear Data, or use Clean Master/similar app to clean your phone's storage and RAM. - If the problem persists please contact our customer service at for further assistance. We will get back to you in 2-5 business days.
I would like to apply a job in your company, do you still accept new applicant?
Please refer to the careers opportunities. Should there be any openings matching your skill set, we highly encourage you to apply! Do not hesitate to send us your CV and Portfolios to
Is it possible to work with you for co-operation in promotion?
Yes, it is. We provide a licensing program that enables clients to apply Augmented Reality technology on 3 main types of media. Specifically, our Augmented Reality markers can be embedded into anything from print to film media and even digital content. This translates to a variety of engaging product packaging, merchandising and promotional tools.
Is it possible for you to create or design an AR app for us?
Yes, it is possible. Please send your project proposal to Taking into account our available resources, the management team will review your proposal and get back to you shortly.
Would you like to attend an event or exhibition?
Please send your event proposal to We will review your proposal and get back to you in 3-5 business days.
We would like to do a company visit. Is that possible?
Yes, it is possible. Please send your visit proposal to and we can make the necessary arrangements.