VR Headset – Immersive Multimedia in Entertainment

VR Headset – Immersive Multimedia in Entertainment

Introduction to our VR Headset. Imagine you find a gate or portal which enables you to enter another dimension you can only find in your dream or movies you have watched, a reality that’s accessible only within the confines of your imagination. A realm where your imagination defines your reality; fighting King Kong, inhabiting Uranus or going back to ancient times for an audience with Julius Caesar himself? You got yourself a deal, then. This facility of traversing dimensions is known as Virtual Reality (VR). What is Virtual Reality? As its name suggests, this technology offers the users simulated circumstances through the use of devices and programs. It allows user to replicate their physical world which is generated by the computer into digitised, interactive new presence. How does virtual reality work?

To get into virtual reality, the major tool which leads you to this immersive multimedia presence is the head-mounted device as known as the HMD or VR headset. This device is highly prevalent in the field of virtual reality nowadays. As is well known, virtual reality headset has two types of systems to generate the data, first one is the high-end system that requires high-performance computer connected to the VR headset, the other one is headset which is compatible with smart phones to project it contents into virtual reality.

Basically, a VR headset is the “gate” to the VR. It works by substituting the user’s perceived vision of the real world with the immersive multimedia contents from either smartphones or PCs. As the headset and smartphone or PC contents engage, virtual reality provides virtual environments which essentially draws the user into a state of immersion. The user can interact with the digitalised surroundings.

Immersive Multimedia in Entertainment
To expand and develop is the very nature of technology. As a creation is invented, it will evolve its functions and features and lead to new discoveries. Naturally this also applies to VR. Once invented, it was intended to function for one use: theatre performance. Over time, virtual reality has been advancing its feature, quality, and use. It involves in various purposes. To narrow things down, let us see this immersive multimedia in specific way since entertainment is one of the reasons for technology development.

Virtual Reality Video
This an illustration of how virtual reality evolving. The original intention for the invention of VR is to enhance and explore plays or theatre performance. The art of drama has been developing as well as it used to offer. The main objective of performing is visual and voice. As generally acknowledged, combination of visual and sound remains in the society and along with other technologies, it reached its development in form of video. Voila, these two vital technologies intersect and created next advanced facility: Virtual reality video. This technology provides us with the chances of exploring our senses further. One of special features is to enjoy video in 360, making the user present to the video and contribute in making entertainment industry more sophisticated. User is facilitated to examine the video from every angle.

Virtual Reality Game
Game is an essential part of life for many people. Apart from giving colour to young ages through its amusement, game can also be educational for some people. Therefore, the harmony between game and virtual reality becomes one of the most interesting creation. Offering more interactive and lively quality, it serves the user with extraordinary advantages such as bio-sensing that allows user to interact with other users.