Octagon VR Luna Headset

About the project

Get Immersed in Virtual Reality with Octagon VR Luna Headset!

The Octagon VR Luna is a high quality, lightweight, and affordable Virtual Reality headset. It enables the user to explore the world of Virtual Reality (VR). If you want to use Octagon VR Luna, your smartphone should have a touchscreen feature with a gyroscopic sensor.

Compatible with both Android and iPhone, you can easily visit a lot of virtual worlds by installing various applications. Whether it is a game or educational application, VR can ensure a better impression and learning experience. By using Octagon 360 app or Youtube, you can also watch various VR videos from educational contents to horror movies. The Octagon VR Luna can also accommodate a wide variety of smartphones (Android and iOS) supporting 4” to 6” screen display, giving you the best experience of entertainment at your own convenience.

In addition, this VR Headset is also the first Virtual Reality headset that has been certified by SNI (Indonesian National Standard). Whether you are a fan of android or iPhone, you can use Octagon VR Luna at ease. Immerse yourself in the fascinating sea world to real-life experience like speech practice. Let’s explore the magnificent world of virtual reality right away!