Octagon Studio to Win Its First Pitch Battle Trophy at GVS 2017 | By Octagon Studio

Octagon Studio to Win Its First Pitch Battle Trophy at GVS 2017 | By Octagon Studio

Global Venture Summit (GVS) Bali 2017 successfully attracts techies from all around the world to the Dewata Island. The event is the extensive effort from one of the world’s most well-known events set to gather technology enthusiasts under one roof, Silicon Valley. On this occasion, the main point is to facilitate and empower potential and innovative ideas in technology industry for both startups and established companies. This event is also supported by Indonesian government by appointing representatives from Badan Ekonomi Kreatif (BEKRAF), an organization under Indonesia’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism, as keynotes speakers.

Having an opportunity to join an international event among other emerging companies around the world and showcase their work to the world, Octagon Studio jumps at the chance of attending. Octagon Studio participates on GVS Bali 2017 by establishing a booth and showcasing the works. Octagon Studio also takes part on GVS’s pitch battle which pits them against many accomplished companies and eventually secures the champion award.

As Octagon Studio continues to participate on several pitch battle on international events, the team eventually win everyone’s favor, especially the judges of GVS, and earn the trophy. As team get prepared, Vina and Stella, Octagon Studio representatives for GVS pitch battle, keep on assembling and drilling a decent strategy on performing a proper presentation for the pitch battle. On the first stage, 48 participants take turns to present their works under 60 seconds. Vina and Stella have their best efforts which secure a place in six finalist slots who continue to battle in final stage. The final stage requires everyone to present more detailed materials encompassing technical and business reach on global market.

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