One of The Best Augmented Reality Company in Indonesia | By Octagon Studio

One of The Best Augmented Reality Company in Indonesia | By Octagon Studio

Pioneering the surge of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) experiences in Indonesia, Octagon Studio is entering a whole new level of technology challenges by actively producing and delivering Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions for both local and international markets. Having dedicated ourselves to the growth of young generation, Octagon Studio produces AR and VR based products applicable in both education and entertainment. Octagon studio aims to thrive among other world class Augmented Reality companies around the world to elevate the excellence of Augmented Reality technology.

Octagon Studio distinguishes AR and VR into different divisions, which we excitingly keep developing and creating solutions. For AR, Octagon Studio crafts and distributes original creations in the form of flashcards, clothing, and coloring books in high-quality 3D experiences. The VR division provides users with immersive visual solutions by developing VR headset and apps set to be explored through the headset.

Products of Octagon Studio are widespread in domestic and international distribution, encompassing Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, and America. For the domestic market, Octagon Studio is based in Bandung and Bali, Indonesia, with hundreds of authorized resellers and stockists spread throughout the country.

Regarding elevating Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality experiences, following are Octagon Studio’s exclusive works and achievements.

Octagon Studio has been actively following rising events, regarding developing AR and VR technologies in both local and international ranges. Octagon Studio has been nominated and awarded on corresponding occasions on an international level. Octagon Studio has won various awards, such as The Best App Award at Wearable Technology Show in London, The Rising Star Award at the Wearable Technology Show in London, and The Best Local Toys at Toys & Games Republic in Bandung. Octagon Studio has also secured the first-place award on pitch battle at Global Venture Summit by Silicon Valley in Bali.

Octagon 4D+ comprises a set of Augmented Reality flashcards set to introduce essentials things to children using AR experience. The current series of AR flashcards encompasses Animal 4D+, Space 4D+, Dinosaur 4D+, Octaland 4D+, and Cars 4D+. The AR technology on 4D+ card series can be experienced by scanning the cards with its corresponding apps available on iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded for free.

There’s no better way to entice a person’s mind and experience than through the power of 4D+. Not only can the user learn the facts and information, they can also witness the images come to life. If you can see them, you can interact with them. Octagon 4D+ can take education to a new learning horizon. Users of all ages can enhance their learning abilities through fun, interactive media. Octagon 4D+ is available in over 20 countries.

Step into the Virtual World with Octagon VR! We focus on developing a comprehensive library of immersive, mobile VR experiences, ranging from engaging VR games to 360 depictions of the world’s most famous places s through our extensive collection of virtual tours. Besides consistently developing innovative VR contents, we have also produced the Octagon VR Luna, the perfect platform for flexible learning and on-the-go entertainment.

Wandr is a platform that blends social networking and Augmented Reality technology. This app focuses on elevating Augmented Reality technology into social experience set to allow everyone to experience Augmented Reality technology anytime, anywhere; Wandr makes your daily captures more ‘alive’ through AR contents. Wandr allows users to post, comment, and share their creations online.

Octagon Industrial+ has been producing numerous 3D animations for engineering, infrastructure, and property projects in various countries. We provide precise technical details, interpret complex technical drawings and are also able to detect errors before they occur. Through the animations we create, we are capable of showing the specific details as per the project specification. With a complete 3D visualization, you can capture a clearer picture of how your project will look rather than reading technical drawings.

Octagon Map Story combines maps and history to recreate the history of the universe in an Augmented way. Map Story is a new way of interacting with maps and history. Map Story combines 3D models, 2D art, video, 360 panoramas augmented into maps and other printed material to transport the user to different places.

Octagon Studio has incorporated Augmented Reality (AR) technology into clothing. This technology can redefine what we wear. The interactive feature of our AR wearable clothing allows for augmented interaction between users. The clothing can be viewed through the user’s device by using the Wear 4D+ mobile application. This app is a free download and available for Android and IOS devices.

HoloPrism is another Octagon Studio interactive creation set to enhance the Augmented Reality experience in form of holographic projector. This devices allows the user to project the characters on Octagon Studio Augmented Reality Flashcard series into the real world in 360 degree viewing angles. You can summon the animals, dinosaurs, and space objects from Octagon Animal 4D+, Dinosaur 4D+, and Space 4D+ apps to the real life!