Implementing the Best out of Augmented Reality Apps for Education Using Animal 4D+ | By Octagon Studio

Implementing the Best out of Augmented Reality Apps for Education Using Animal 4D+ | By Octagon Studio

As the surge of Augmented Reality trends persists, we are constantly looking to come up with innovative ideas on how to implement AR technology to its fullest potential. To narrow things down into specific topic, education shows up as the most relevant topic corresponding with our visions towards Augmented Reality development. Therefore, we have come up with outlines to to hopefully bring out the best out of Augmented Reality apps for education. Utilizing one of our lineups, Animal 4D+, we draw up its emerging potential to introduce new ways for education section.

Armed with high-quality 3D content, informative library, affordable price, multilingual option and of course, high accessibility, Animal 4D+ may serve as the catalyst for teachers to ‘conquer’ the entire class room. The following are some of the easiest ways to augment the quality of educational activities involving one of our well-known AR creations, Octagon Animal 4D+ cards.

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Split the class into two teams and have one student from each team stand in front of the class with their backs to the board. The teacher places one of the Animal 4D+ flashcard on the board and have the student’s teammates explain the image by providing clues and facts (e.g. it lives in the forest, it likes to eat bananas etc). If the student is able to successfully guess the object, a point is awarded to the team.

Both teams take turns guessing the flashcards and the team with the most points at the end of the session wins the game. The winning team is then given the opportunity to scan the AR flashcards and view their contents as a reward. This plan might also apply on other series of Octagon Studio’s Augmented Reality card.

    This activity makes use of the Animal 4D+ flashcards and aims to introduce young learners to various animal sounds.

To start the activity, divide the class into several groups and randomly assign the animal flashcards. Ask each student within all the groups to pick an animal which captures their fancy and have them study how the animals sound and move by scanning the flashcard.

After a few minutes, the teacher walks around the class and greets/asks questions to each and every student. Have the students to only answer the teacher’s greetings in the form of their chosen animal.
Teacher: “Hi Johnny, and how are we today?”
Johnny: “Roar!” (imitates the lion)
Teacher: “Why you look lovely today, Allie.”
Allie: “Moooooooooooooo” (imitates a somewhat enthusiastic cow)

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    This activity requires multiple Animal 4D+ flashcard sets and aims to help young learners improve their spelling.

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Learners volunteer spelling his/her name using the first letter of animals. After spelling completed, the learner gets the cards. This would require more than a set of Augmented Reality apps for education.

    This activity requires the Animal 4D+ flashcard set and is intended to encourage the students’ story-telling capacity through Augmented Reality apps for education in featuring Animal 4D+.

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Each student in class gets a random animal card and they need to describe the aspects of the animal including its appearance, habit, environment and so on. The students may present their animal description based on the information contain on the cards as well as their own knowledge of the animal.