Where is This Immersive Technology Taking Us to?

Where is This Immersive Technology Taking Us to?

Augmented Reality (AR) technology has showed up years ago and been developing ever since. Yet, there are many people who are still unfamiliar with the technology although they are using the products of this technology on daily basis on their smartphones. On its way to become a mainstream term, Augmented Reality has been contributing to several fields with various beneficial impacts. This technology presents itself in numerous forms along with different benefits as well. With a wide range of diverse features and functions, Augmented Reality technology may blow the market with developing technologies in various fields. Here are some of the possible AR concepts applicable in our daily lives.

AR For Education and Training
As have been discussed on a previous post, Augmented Reality technology is obviously a great aid to educators and trainers. Presenting immersive contents to enhance learning process is one of the future step of AR involvement to the field. Imagine not having to look at an ugly drawing from the doctor as he explains how detail our body is, or find out which part of the engine that breaks before getting spoiled by oils in engineering school, and other futuristic learning methods which have never been imagined before. This technology can be beneficial through its capability to present intricate details that are accessible from various angle which allows users to be more precise in pointing out the objects. This could apply on various educational fields especially technical and visual based fields. The use of AR in school and university should be a major agenda in the future.

AR For Entertainment
This section may give the strongest reason to the invention of Augmented Reality technology. Armed with enhancement to vital senses including sight, hearing, and even smell, AR will boost the creative industries to another level. As the entertainment field branches into varied subsections, the use of AR also can be further developed into numerous imaginative forms.

How lucky you were if you had the chance to attend music shows of your favourite late singers or bands? With Augmented Reality holographic video, music shows can be accessible to everyone in spite of the absence of the artists. AR hologram can ease your longing to your legendary artists. This technology has been conducted in honour of respectable, late artists such as Michael Jackson, Tupac, and Jerry Garcia. Another benefit is that you can virtually meet your beloved artists in your very room. Some artists dedicated their love to the fans by printing AR marker on their cover albums. This is one of business strategies which is astounding for both marketing and artistic matter.

With the release of Pokemon Go on the middle of the year, the Augmented Reality game continues to show off. Gaining millions of downloads, this game, as one of best free apps, boosts the knowledge of AR technology to the world. AR boosts every integrated game more interactive. ?And soon we?ll have virtual reality, augmented reality, if you assume any rate of improvement at all, the games will become indistinguishable from reality.? ?Tesla CEO Elon Musk Jun. 2, 2016

Sport Games
Watching your favourite sport clubs or athletes competing for the championship may cost you a lot of bills and efforts. Imagine you could watch them lifting trophies in your house through immersive field and court modelling which tethered into actual live action from the real athletes. This would be possible through Augmented Reality Hologram technology. This may also allow us to watch remote action of national sport occasion virtually by projecting it to a real stadium and making the athletes as AR markers so you could cheer them up with other thousands of supporters; FIFA World Cup, Olympic Games, and Wimbledon Tennis might be much more affordable.

AR in Navigation
With Augmented Reality technology, taking a ride around the city has never been easier. There are some app developers already developing AR based application to provide traffic information, direction, and other traffic related assistance. This section could be one of the most applicable and useful concepts for civilisation. You may either avoid getting lost or enjoy the new alternative detours.

AR in Engineering
Dealing with harsh materials and circumstances such as mechanical, industrial, or geological engineering forces us to work precisely. Featuring AR to this field would increase safety parameter significantly. 3D modelling of engineering tools will be helpful for both improving working rate and worker safety. Security check or maintenance will be conducted in immersive and futuristic way before attempting a hands-on approach. Aside from assisting the engineer to work with complex details, it opens the line AR to develop and expand.

AR in Business and Communication
What if you can impress your clients trough immersive presentation that makes you look like Tony Stark while you point out the details, or having a meeting with your remote co-workers through holographic content that you only see in Marvel movies. Communication will break another yet another barrier among people through AR. Business communication will go to the next level years to come.

Are you familiar with one of these concepts? With or without you knowing them, some of them already exist and keep advancing. The question is, where will you be when the entire list above and other imaginable upcoming concepts of augmented reality technology take over the primary tools and ways of life?