What Challenges Would Probably Obstruct the Future of Virtual Reality?

What Challenges Would Probably Obstruct the Future of Virtual Reality?

What Challenges Would Probably Obstruct The Future of Virtual Reality?
As 2016 closes out, Virtual Reality industry is entering new stage of becoming mainstream technology. Development, investment, and future project on this immersive technology have been mounting through out the world involving various industries ranging from startup to reputable companies. Up until now, we have concluded the challenges and problems every VR industry performer has to cope with in order to welcome the future of Virtual Reality in 2017 and beyond.

VR Technology is Pricey
It is true that a high-end VR headset costs us an arm and a leg. Besides, to bring and enjoy a complete set of VR content, we still have to purchase its pairing device ranging from high-race PC or high-end console which may cost us hundreds of dollars respectively. VR is obviously still out of reach for people in general. Therefore, smartphone based VR is the solution regarding pricey headset and contents. However, the gap between these two classes of VR technologies remains significant in regard to content quality. Thus, this is the challenge for top VR headset and content manufacturers for the sake of future of Virtual Reality to brainstorm on how VR headsets and contents can be more affordable without taking aside too much from the quality of the content.

The Use of VR is Considered Finite
Many say that VR is limited in its use as it is mainly developed in collaboration with gaming industry. With the pairing between VR and gaming, VR recognition comes from the blow up of VR based gaming launch of famous game enterprises. This might make the awareness towards VR is narrowed down to the limited field. It is the challenge which other VR manufacturers have to cope. The development of VR linked to other sectors must be echoing to put VR as a mainstream technology. A wave of bold developers have to emerge to introduce other uses of VR. As a promising technology with a long history, VR is expected to be compatible with new invention applied on various fields other than gaming. In other words, the challenge which lays on the way includes the urge to make non-gamer to commit to VR as much as possible along the future of Virtual Reality.

VR Headset Still Holds Health Issue
Since VR headsets involve recognizable use of attaching the headset to the eyes very closely, some people, especially parents, have come up with inquiries questioning its effects towards physical health. Reacting to this, some of VR manufacture include a list of possible health effects on every unit of VR sold. The list may include seizures, dizziness, blackouts, irritation, and so on. Therefore, the challenge is to shorten and eliminate the list so the users could be more assured. In addition, instead of carrying out health issue, it would likely mesmerizing if VR happens to contribute in becoming alternative method in curing same diseases or other beneficial medical use.

Challenges and problems are inevitable, but as we overcome those, we keep on moving. As VR technology had started long ago and faced many problems ever since, what we have today is the accumulated result from previous updates and problem solving. And if all the challenges are successfully overcome, imagine what kind of technology we can get. And if challenges kept on piling, so be it. It only makes future of Virtual Reality better.