Expand Your Knowledge by Reading Augmented Reality Books | By Octagon Studio

Expand Your Knowledge by Reading Augmented Reality Books | By Octagon Studio

Reading is undoubtedly one among the most essential deeds in our lives. Forasmuch as important as the deed, book as the object is also regarded as an important product of civilization. Amid the wave of digital technology advancement in the past decades, printed media, as the most well-known information source does not seem to raise a white-flag in the presence of the digital era. Books and other printed media do not lose their merit despite the festive migration to digital form of information. Instead, traditional books are joining the wave by evolving into Augmented Reality books: printed media in form of books containing Augmented Reality markers making reading way more interactive.

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As various types of products can and have been infused to become a medium for Augmented Reality marker to be applied on, book occupies varied ranges of usage and applications which makes it possible for AR developer to conduct experiment on it. Several well-known brands have already launched their AR based contents into futuristic books in collaboration with authors and publishers creating new way of reading which mix up knowledge, amusement, and technology in one pack. Alternatively, AR developer creating books for children which can be beneficial to be used as learning tools. This can be in forms of Augmented Reality books that allow users to reveal concealed contents or simply customize the contents.

In 2012, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) London Studio, formerly known as SCE London Studio, launched AR based product called Wanderbook containing famous J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter content. Designed to operate with Sony PlayStation 3, Wanderbook signifies the dawn of Augmented Reality books incorporating gaming with learning to provide new learning experience. However, since the realization of collaborating AR technology, gaming console, and literature seems to cost a fortune, the whole pack of Wonderbook and Sony PS 3 itself bears an astonishing price tag.

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