Augmented Reality Trends in Foreseeable Future | By Octagon Studio

Following the swell of Augmented Reality product’s statistic on business worldwide, its global appeal is undeniable. This leads to the race of AR application on various fields with different functions and benefits. As a result, Augmented Reality has become a trend for many existing industries coming up with new ideas of AR based products; Augmented Reality trends are contagious as many industries applying AR is growing stronger over time. Therefore, let us predict what trends would Augmented Reality brings to us in the future. Read on!

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Augmented Reality trends among mobile device can be seen on numerous mobile device app developments. As mobile device growth seems to deny any signs of stopping, content developers for mobile devices show up as a promising occupation. Amid the intense competition among mobile apps, AR based mobile apps gradually become decent challengers to the giants. Snapchat and Pokemon Go has proven that AR technology is on its way of becoming global trends among mobile platforms. There will be various platforms of mobile devices which utilize AR as its base operation for AR is able to provide users with high-quality content through handy devices. Therefore, Augmented Reality apps already took the pole position at the race of Augmented Reality trends.

As has been discussed on various occasions, Augmented Reality is a great aid to learning activities, Augmented Reality trends in education may start from earliest stage to the highest one, from preschool to university level. Armed with visual enhancement, Augmented Reality may propel young generation to promising future.