Presenting the WebAR by Octagon Studio, where accessing augmented reality contents is made simple through the web! You won't need to download a specific app to enjoy an AR experience, simply visit the link or scan the QR code with a QR scanner to witness the images come alive! To kick off your immersive experience, you can try out our AR sample by accessing the link or directly scan the QR code below. You can also print it out at home and show the exciting contents to your friends and family. Hmm, what do you think the hidden content may be? Try it now and see for yourself!

For any inquiries regarding the WebAR, shoot us an e-mail at [email protected]


Print Out the Image to the Right of This Text

This image will serve as an AR marker

Print Out The Image
Scan with a QR Reader

Scan the image with a QR Reader

Scan with QR Reader
Allow Camera
Allow Camera

Make sure you allow the browser to use your phone’s camera

Scan The Marker
Scan The Marker

Scan the marker with your camera and enjoy the surprise!

WebAR Viewer Advantages