Thank you for downloading the OctagonEdu App. Octagon Studio does not collect your personal data. We only receive anonymous statistics about the usage of the OctagonEdu App (such as the total number of users of the app, how long they interact with the AR experiences, and their average daily use time).

You can unlock new AR experiences in the app by using your mobile device’s camera to scan the special markers. You can also take pictures and videos using OctagonEdu App but sharing is limited to the built-in function which you can set on your own. We do not collect any photos or videos taken using OctagonEdu App. The information about your OctagonEdu App is stored on your mobile device only. You can delete this information by deleting the app. However, because the AR experiences are downloaded when scanning for the first time, you have to re-download any AR experience if you delete the app.

The OctagonEdu App is built using Unity. Please click here for Unity’s privacy policy. Please be advised that the sections regarding Unity analytics do not apply, because OctagonEdu App does not use Unity analytics.