Hello from the Discovery Channel!

This verification email is being sent because your child has started to create a use for the Discovery #MINDBLOWN app.

We take privacy seriously, and want you to understand how our app works and what data is being collected, and how we use it. We aim to have a safe, fun app that excites your child to learn about the world they live in! We recommend you play the app with your child to get a full understanding of how it works.

What is the Discovery #MINDBLOWN App?

Discovery #MINDBLOWN App is a free app intended for kids age 6 and up, created for iPhone and Android phones and tablets! Users can watch videos from Discovery Channel, Science Channel, and other STEM content to encourage curiosity and exploration of their world.

There are also free mini-games to play, and downloadable activity sheets that promote offline learning with parents (example: build your own volcano using vinegar and baking soda).

The app also allows for interactive learning with realistic 3D visualizations using augmented reality technology. If your family owns certain Discovery #MINDBLOWN products, the app will allow you to enhance your learning by aiming the phone camera towards these products with additional information that will appear inside the app about the subject.

What type of video content is viewable?

The Discovery #MINDBLOWN app includes free informative videos, daily fun facts, and mini games across the below five (5) topics that relate to Discovery and Science Channel programming:

  • Animals & Dinos
  • Space & Planets
  • Humans
  • Machines & Robotics
  • Our Earth

All video content is rated for a 6+ audience and similar to what you may see on popular shows on Discovery and Science Channel, including clips from family-friendly shows such as “Mythbusters”, “How it’s Made”, and “Incredible acts of Science”.

What data are you collecting?

We take data privacy seriously, and our goal is to collect and retain the minimum amount of data required to offer an exciting and engaging experience.

  • Preferred Username (not necessarily your child’s real name)
  • Preferred Password
  • Parent’s Email (used for parental opt-in, and app announcements)

We also allow for two optional profile personalization:

  • Child’s birthday (used for special birthday unlock in-app)
  • Profile icon (choose from one of several pre-provided illustrated icons to personalize your profile)

Once your child’s account is created, we track the following anonymous data, used only for informational purposes:

  • Amount of times our videos have been viewed.
  • Videos that have been “liked” by viewers

How are you using the data you collect?

We are using the collected data listed above for the following purposes:

  • Parental consent; and
  • To improve the app’s performance.

We do not use any user-specific data for re-targeting or tracking.

Where is this data being stored?

All app-data is being stored with Amazon Web Services (AWS), an Amazon service. The AWS infrastructure puts strong safeguards in place to help protect customer privacy. All data is stored in highly secure AWS data centers. More information about the safety and security of this data can be found at

Can my child purchase anything with this app?

No, we do not allow or offer any items that can be purchased using the app. There is no credit card or payment data collected during registration or at any other time using this app.

Is there virtual currency in the app?

Your child will earn “Discovery #MINDBLOWN” coins by watching videos and playing games within the app. These coins can be redeemed in the “rewards” section of our app to receive free downloads of Discovery Activity Sheets and AR Experiences. We also allow coins to be redeemed for discount coupons that can be applied to Discovery #MINDBLOWN products.

Are there any ads in the videos?

There is a 30 second kid-safe video advertisement within the videos. Discovery has partnered with an outside company who will not have access to any collected data, and whose sole purpose is to deliver these ads that are 100% age-appropriate, as guaranteed by such third party.

Each ad delivered via the app is certified to guarantee the highest levels of compliance and safety. Specifically, Discovery warrants that all ads:

  • Are compliant with COPPA and GDPR-K. Meaning no cookie based targeting, zero personal data (PII) collection
  • Are reviewed by humans: checked for age appropriateness and compliant with local standards and regulations such as CARU or the CAP Code
  • And delivered by best-in-class agencies, guaranteeing the highest levels of compliance and safety.

Can I see a copy of your privacy policy?

Yes! You can review a full copy of your privacy policy at the following link:


Once you have reviewed the information above, your child will need the following code to proceed with their profile setup in the app.

If you have any other questions, you can visit us on, or on Facebook at, where you can also leave us a message.

Thank you, and we hope you and your child enjoy this new app from Discovery!

-The Discovery #MINDBLOWN Team