London History AR

About the project

London History AR App offers the chance for you to view the city of London from a historical perspective. Install the app and scan the London AR marker to access our Augmented Reality timeline of London’s history. Witness the transformation of London from a modest Roman base to the modern megacity we all know today.

Gain easy access to history with London History AR

Imagine how exciting history lessons at school could be if the students could interact with the augmented visualization and information. The students could learn better if they see a lesson as a game. This is where Augmented Reality plays its part in enchancing the experience of reading textbooks and engaging readers in a way that has never been done before.

London History AR combines maps and history to recreate the history of London through augmentation, making it easier for us to learn about it. From exploring hidden contents to recreating scenes in the past, this app combines 3D models, 2D art, videos, and 360 panoramas into an augmented map to transport the users to a different period of time. We may not have yet perfected time travel, but with London History AR, we hope to have the next best thing as we transfer the users back in time to explore London prior to the Great Fire in 1666.

This app allows you to learn a brief history of London in a timeline mode from year 190 until the present. By using this app, users would also be able to:
  • Change the AR mode back and forth according to the timeline
  • See, rotate, zoom in and zoom out the 3D model of the old St. Paul’s Cathedral in 1300 which was later burned down during the Great Fire of London in 1666. This mode enables you to view it from any angle
  • See and explore the 3D model of each gate that are spread all around London in 1543
  • Read a brief history of each ruler of the Great Britain from 190 until present
  • Select and highlight each historical place in London before they were burnt down in 1666
  • Watch a detailed 2D visualization of London during the Great Fire in 1666
  • See the map of London after the Great Fire in 1720 until the present time. London History AR helps users to communicate complex story which would otherwise be more difficult to explain

This app is certainly a new way of interacting with maps and history.

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