AR Adventure in Space

Explore the International Space Station in Augmented Reality!

AR Adventure in Space is here to give you the experience of being an intern on the International Space Station (ISS)! Create your badge, choose your avatar and you’re ready to go!

An In-Depth Exploration of ISS

Using Augmented Reality, you will be able to place the station in front of you and examine its exterior and interior details. As you explore, you will have access to plenty of information about each module and apparatus on board, videos showing the daily lives of the ISS crews courtesy of the European Space Agency, as well as some mini-games to give you an idea of how eating and drinking in microgravity could be a bit tricky sometimes.

Let’s Work Closer to the Stars!

Don’t forget to check your Mission Log from time to time to make sure you have learned everything you need to complete your internship. And the fun doesn’t stop once you’re done! There is a range of career options apart from being an astronaut in the space industry! Don’t really know which career that could be suitable for you? Take the Career Quiz and find out for yourself!