Meet Octagon Studio's Creative Team

Octagon Studio’s team is taking creative design with technology to the next level. These talented people help Octagon Studio and our family of brands, clients, and teams bring the world closer together. We are a collection of artists, designers, writers, filmmakers, strategists, and producers working across three core internal areas: technology, design, and the studio for our commercial projects and studio projects.

Michael Healy


Stella Setyiadi


Ahmad Nursalim

General Manager
Octagon Studio's Technical Manager

Tomy Kurniawan


Maria Inez Indriani

Project Manager
Octagon Studio's Concept Artist

Juned Widi Nugroho

Concept Artist / R&D

Lukman Hakim

3D Technical Manager

Renata Husada

Project Manager
Octagon Studio's Head of Graphic Designer

Queentania Sabathina

Head of Graphic Designer
Octagon Studio's Finance Manager

Christine Komara

Finance Manager
Octagon Studio's Human Resources

Aunur Rofi

Human Resources Manager
Octagon Studio's Operational Manager

Jennie Setiawan

Operational Manager
Octagon Studio's Associate Manager

Jecinda Theola

Associate Manager
Octagon Studio's Graphic Designer

Ahsan Nurcahya

Graphic Designer

Jenny Festina

UI/UX Designer
Octagon Studio's Photographer & Videographer

Farmaditya Wisnuwardhana

Photographer & Videographer
Octagon Studio's Unity Developer

Prasetio Nugroho

Unity 3D Developer
Octagon Studio's Backend Engineer

Wita Karwila

Back-End Engineer
Octagon Studio's Backend Engineer

Maruf Junaedi

Web Developer
Octagon Studio's Unity Developer

Denny Eka Saputro

Software Engineer
Octagon Studio's 3D Artist

Fikki Fauzi

3D Artist
Octagon Studio's Mobile App Developer

Dani Ramdani

Unity Developer
Octagon Studio's Unity Developer

Valdio Pratama

Unity Developer

Arly Deansyah

iOS Developer
Octagon Studio's 3D Modeler

Laode Munarfa

3D Modeler
Octagon Studio's IT Support

Fazreal Muslim

IT Support

Astrid Maharani

Graphic Designer
Octagon Studio's Social Media Manager

Natalie Cheryl

Social Media Manager
Octagon Studio's Project Manager

Qisthia Kattania

Project Manager
Octagon Studio's 3D Animator

Puri Aprilia

3D Animator
Octagon Studio's 3D Artist

Indra Putra Nasution

3D Artist
Octagon Studio's Office Assistant

Wawan Setiawan

Office Assistant

Nia Trie Nastitie


Amalia Rosdiana

Digital Product Designer

Heather MacRae

Director | UK

John Carroll

Director | Ireland