Virtual Reality Automative: Intersection between The Industry Giant and The Rising Technology | By Octagon Studio

Prior to discussing the potential of Virtual Reality automotive, it is important to note how far the industry has been impacting business in general. Automotive is one of the most important industries which encompasses numerous aspects apart from producing and selling motor vehicles; Strong marketing plan and worldwide distribution are essential elements for automotive industry to stay in business. In other words, automotive industry opens the gate for other business to maintain the production and distribution. A range of sub industries, which takes shelter under the main industry including global shipping, design firm, commercial agency, audio system, environmental consultant and other technical stuffs, play significant role to the industry. Hence, the intersection between the respectable industry and the rising technology would be an intriguing topic to dive into: Virtual Reality automotive.

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There are two main highlights regarding the involvement of Virtual Reality in automotive industry. Firstly, touching upon what VR may contribute to the automotive production process. And the second one brings up the insight about VR?s capability in connecting the company to consumers.

Virtual Reality Automotive Production has taken a leap into a whole new level. Main feature of VR technology that happens to be useful for motor vehicle production is VR capability to provide virtual modeling for automaker to brainstorm from scratch. This would be useful even from the beginning of production by shaping vehicles in a virtual space rather than the real world. The virtual model may develop into a prototype which is open to redesigns and revisions without incurring expenses. Then again, any visual requirements will be an easy target for VR to leap into action.

Moreover, VR allows automakers to ?conquer? the virtual realm where they are able to do more than simply examining vehicle parts? details. VR actually is capable to let automakers to dive into the modeling process and ensure no parts are missing. After all the parts are set, VR steps ahead to provide decent virtual driving simulation which eliminates any risk of injuries and harm.

Virtual Reality Automotive Marketing might hatch numerous ideas regarding immersive marketing experience. Broadcasting commercial video on television may cost automakers high expense. It is likewise limited on showing technical information and features about the products. Though immersive virtual world attached on VR technology, automobile companies are allowed to pamper customer by providing virtual presentation of their production without requiring the customers to actually be present on the scene. Customers are then enable to convey their requirements out of a product that happened to be commercialized through VR technology.