Our Top Picks for Best Augmented Reality Games | By Octagon Studio

Our Top Picks for Best Augmented Reality Games | By Octagon Studio

In its journey in becoming mainstream technology, Augmented Reality has started well by engaging to major fields and industries recently. As has been discussed on several occasions regarding Augmented Reality applications, an emerging sector has paired with Augmented Reality technology attaining global reputation; Augmented Reality games are among the emerging adopters which have integrated Augmented Reality?s interactive features. There are more than a dozen game developers which have geared up with AR technology to enter a new level of gaming experiences. Here are our top picks of best Augmented reality games which are enjoying positive global receptions.

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1.Pokemon Go!
Following the blowup of Pokemon Go, it is reasonable to put Pokémon Go at the top of the chat. Pokemon Go is a location-based augmented reality game introduced by Niantic, Inc. on its collaboration with Nintendo. Released on July 2016, Pokemon Go has been reaping fortune along the way with millions of download and active users up until now. Pokemon Go works by using GPS on corresponding devices to detect, capture, and train Pokémon, who appear on the smartphones or tablets screen as if they were rooted in the real-world location as the user altogether. The game is compatible for both iOS and Android devices and supports in-app purchases for additional items.

After dealing with the Pokemon Go, it would be unfair if we miss another Niantic’s leap on fusing Augmented Reality with gaming. Ingress is another Niantic’s location-based Augmented Reality game creation which has been well regarded prior to Pokemon Go’s prime. If the aforementioned game is played as an individual gaming, Ingress allows players to choose a side at a territorial battle fought by two opposing factions. In a nutshell, the objective is simple; widen the territory for each side as big possible. Players will need to visit various locations in the real world to hack portals and conquer them for their side. In addition, Ingress holds interesting, fictional science fiction story line which makes it more desired to be kept on playing.

3.Drakerz Confrontation
Distinct to two prior charts, Drakerz Confrontation is a Trading Card Game which uses recognition-based Augmented Reality technology played on PC. Players can play the game by collecting either the real, physical cards or on virtual cards. It is considered as halfway between a tactical game and a board game with more interactive experiences.