Octagon Studio’s Dedication to The Surge of Augmented Reality Clothing | By Octagon Studio

Looking for kids clothing might very well be a challenging yet fun quest for parents. Dressing your kids right is arguably one of the most memorable aspect of growing up. Somehow, today?s social culture allows people to archive memories in advanced ways for future reminiscing. Naturally, no one wants to appear silly in old family and childhood photos. As technology is advancing ridiculously fast, we have been aware of the interception of Augmented Reality technology with wearable technology: Augmented Reality clothing; This concept allows Augmented Reality technology to enhance clothing by making it more fashionable and interactivity by embedding AR marker to your daily clothing. Voila, your kids can get interactive and fun designs popping up from their clothing and are ready to save future family photos.

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Following the swelling of Augmented Reality wearable and Augmented Reality Clothing, Octagon Studio is making headway by collaborating with one of the biggest clothing retails in Asia and Europe, LC Waikiki to blaze a trail in making daily clothing more technologically enhanced. Octagon Studio and LC Waikiki has launched the Wear 4D+ which has been widely distributed throughout Asian and European countries. This product is designed for kids along with engaging and interesting clothing designs that pop up to life.

The Wear 4D+ comes with eight different designs with diversion for both boys and girls respectively. The designed clothing for boys tends to contain adventurous image contents that depict boys? active liveliness. The clothing depicts a rocket mounted on a launchpad, and when you pair it with the app on smartphone, the rocket will launch and head to the moon. Meanwhile, girls? clothing naturally bears sweet and fun contents which represent beauty for young ladies. They can get sweet sweater full of butterflies on it. Yes, the butterflies can fly too as you scan them on mobile devices. This Augmented Reality clothing sets to make your kids delighted for family photos.
To use the Wear 4D+, you are required to download the Wear 4D+ app on your smartphones or tablets. After the app is successfully installed, all you need to do is scan the images on the clothing with your smartphone and see what happens. For the complete instruction, consult the instruction card that comes with the augmented reality clothing as you purchase one. What are you waiting for, then? Head to nearest LC Waikiki stores and get your kids coolest clothing ever. You can also purchase online at LC Waikiki online stores at lcwaikiki.com.