Latest Wearable Technology: Combining Augmented Reality to Our Daily Wearings

Latest Wearable Technology: Combining Augmented Reality to Our Daily Wearings

Amid the fierce competition between tech giants, here comes an underdog who can potentially disrupt the competition. Having crossed paths with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality before, the rise of wearable technology is influenced by sensory enhancements, which features more specific approach: our body attachment. As countless kinds of products offer additional looks and function to our body, wearable technology blends accessibility, beauty, and sophistication into a single, immersive experience. Latest wearable technology is distinguished by sundry forms of products with different features and function such as health issue detector, GPS, and fashion style booster. As its name suggest, you can literally wear technology advancement on your body and make it as useful as possible. Wondering how the word underdogs comes from? See the following data table.

Due to its wide range of variations on products and applications, latest wearable technology has become a highly demanded party to get collaborated with by many other technology developers including Augmented Reality, computers and medicine. Since we, Octagon Studio, have specialty in producing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions, let us narrow things down by discussing only latest wearable technology which is integrated to AR.

AR Smart Glasses
AR smart glasses have been an important development for Augmented Reality hardware in recent years. With its interactive, sophisticated features which enable users to blend and manipulate digitized contents with the real circumstances through the glasses, smart glasses lead us closer to technology we could only imagine before. By wearing smart glasses, you can add images, sounds, or 3D contents into your vision through your glasses. The contents help you to add information in dynamic and interactive ways possible.

Pioneered by Google with the launch of Google Glass in 2013, other developers around the world have been challenging Google’s reign as AR wearable pioneer. Various projects and models have been introduced ever since. Smart glasses have become one of the many possible ways to embrace Augmented Reality.

AR Clothing
Not to be outdone, one of our bare essentials participates in making technology reachable into our daily lives. On the other hand, clothing serves our daily lives not only as a fulfillment to our basic needs, but also as a product whose numerous potentials provide us with additional dimensions to exploit. Therefore, let us give proper credits to whoever comes up with idea harmonizing Augmented Reality with clothing.

Similar to other concept of AR, Augmented Reality clothing provides AR marker printed on T-shirt in form of engaging and interesting design. As the result, the app will present the content from the marker, making it more interactive and fashionable.

Having dedicated ourselves to the development of augmented reality technology, Octagon Studio has been participating to elevate Augmented Reality and wearable technology into the surface of our daily lives by collaborating with one of well-known clothing provider, Marks & Spenser producing a series of AR clothing products for kids.