What is Augmented Reality Technology? Is It Present in Our Everyday Life? | By Octagon Studio

What is Augmented Reality Technology? Is It Present in Our Everyday Life? | By Octagon Studio

Technology. We now live at the time where technologies are getting very advance and integrated in every aspects of our life. There are of course various types of technologies and their usage. However, on this article, We will talk about the technology that is physically around us which We have not realise its existence yet, or simply take for granted. That technology is Augmented Reality or AR.

Last year you might have seen people going around town catching Pokemons. They are playing Pokemon Go game. And yes, this game is the prime example of Augmented Reality. So Augmented Reality is a technology that adds computer generated images, sound, or other media on your real view of the world. Gadgets like smartphones and tablets are through which you can see those computer generated media.

That’s an example of a game. What about something even closer to us?

The newest and very innovative usage of the AR technology is by combining it with apparels. There is this clothing line dubbed as Wear 4D+ who just released their AR T-shirts for kids. The picture printed on the t-shirt can be scanned using mobile devices, and a moving image will appear on the screen to tell you a little story. This is surely very interesting for kids. You may check this link if you want to know more about the Wear 4D+: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kh6X2Ah8Lyk.

The same company called the Octagon Studio who runs the Wear 4D+ clothing line also had created some very useful educational flashcards for children. Those including flashcards of Animals, Dinosaurs, Occupations, and Space objects to help kids learn alphabets and familiarise themselves with some fun general knowledge.

As you can observe, technology are and will still be developing rapidly. For AR, tech experts will surely find a new application of it in our everyday life.

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