Human Body for Kids – How to Provide a Proper Introduction of Human Body for Kids | By Octagon Studio

Human Body for Kids – How to Provide a Proper Introduction of Human Body for Kids | By Octagon Studio

The complexity of the human body is precisely the reason why it is so fascinating and exciting to learn. When should we start learning about the human body? Essentially, learning a subject which requires deep understanding should be conducted as early as possible although the extensive study is available on more specified major on higher level of educational stages. The question then arises, how do we attain a proper early guidance to start learning nature’s most sophisticated machine? In other words, how can we provide proper introduction of human body for kids? The answer to this may lead to inevitable options depending on one’s educational priority: to embrace it as early as possible by providing young learners with proper introduction, or to count on teachers in school.

This article aims to enlighten everyone who intends to choose the first answer of the question. Providing decent preface of human body for kids is indeed a challenging task; the tool and the narrative should be appropriate and efficient.

Humanoid 4D+

The Humanoid 4D+ app features an interactive and informative depiction of the human body along with specific bodily functions and systems necessary for everyday living. Users will be able to interactively learn about how these specific systems and subsystem work by tapping the screen at specified intervals.

Humanoid 4D+ consists of a bundle of puzzles, introducing parts of human body. Students can rearrange the puzzle to make a full form of a human body. They can learn about parts of human body, inner organs, and even the systems inside our body.

Humanoid will mainly consist of eight main systems depicting significant parts of human body followed by its rich subsystems and derivatives. The main systems encompass Cardio and Respiratory system, Digestive system, Integumentary system, Muscular system, nervous system, Skeletal system, Supplemental system, and Urinary, Endocrine and Immune system. All of these system can be experienced on mobile platform using the Humanoid 4D+ App.

To activate the Humanoid 4D+, users are requested to fill a serial number from the instruction card. One serial number can be applied for only three devices in total. After filling the serial number, users can scan the cards using Humanoid 4D+ App to gain knowledge of human body.

Humanoid 4D+ would become the perfect tool for parents whose intention is the introduction of human body for kids. Through the power of Augmented Reality, Humanoid 4D+ depicts Octagon Studio’s enthusiasm on making learning fun through the magic of Augmented Reality. Humanoid 4D+ would be suitable not only for young learners but for adults interested in augmented reality as well.

Humanoid 4D+ would be ready to guide young learners to the sophistication of human body come winter.