Discovery #MINDBLOWN App

Discovery Channel has launched its latest offering in the #MINDBLOWN series of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic) focused products for kids with the brand-new Discovery #MINDBLOWN app, created in collaboration with Octagon Studio. The app offers users the opportunity to learn about five targeted topics of interest – Animals and Dinosaurs, Space and Planets, Humans, Machines and Robotics, and Our Earth – through exciting videos, interactive games and Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Numerous Features to Provide the Best AR Experiences!

There are three sets of augmented reality flashcards for the AR section, consisting of Animal AR+, Dinosaur AR+, and Space AR+ that bring exciting new learning experience for the users. Each AR card has its own animated 3D model, sound effects, and voice-over.

There are many exciting adventure laying ahead. For example, discover the forms, names, sounds, and facts of various animals in the natural world. Users can even feed some of them! Unearth ancient dinosaur fossils and bring them back to life! Take a trip to outer space, launch space rockets, and drive the rovers on an extra-terrestial exploration. In addition, you can also enjoy the realistic presentation of the animals and celestial objects.

Above all, the #MindBlown app lets users pick the topics they want to explore. Users can swipe up or down, to see longer or shorter videos within each topic, and play fun games related to each category! The video feed consists of GIFS, short video content, and #MINDBLOWN blast episodes, made especially for the app!

Furthermore, reward section will act as positive reinforcement for users to interact with the app. Users can earn rewards such as discounts for toys, and DIY sheets to make things like solar power hotdog cookers! The #MINDBLOWN app ingeniously incorporates innovative technology with the fun of learning to inspire users to further explore the world around them.