In addition to the collaboration with Discovery Channel to create the Discovery #MINDBLOWN app, Octagon Studio team also contributes a series of motion graphic videos to the Daily Boost feature in the #MINDBLOWN app. Covering five targeted topics of interest - Animals and Dinosaurs, Space and Planets, Humans, Machines and Robotics, and Our Earth, the motion graphic videos feature colorful graphics, exciting animations, and narrated information to simplify the delivery of complex concepts to the users, especially to younger audience.


Shark's Super Senses

One of the reasons that sharks are such successful predators is that they have such super senses. Some sharks have eyes similar to a cat. A mirror-like layer in their eyes allows them to see better in the water.

Deep Ocean

A long time ago, humans initially thought that the dark depth of the ocean is a cold and lifeless place. Boy, were we wrong about that!


What is bioluminescence? What organisms are bioluminescent? This video tells about the wonders of bioluminescence and its possible role as an energy source of the future.


Ever wondered why the planets revolve around the Sun? This video features Sir Isaac Newton who will explain to us how gravity works and how it influences the planets’ orbits.


Discover the fascinating world of electromagnetic power! Without it you can't think. Your heart would not beat and you don't have cool electric tools.

Rainforest Reptiles & Amphibians

Rainforests may only cover 6% of the Earth’s surface, but they are home to about half of the planet’s animal species, including these unique & deadly reptiles & amphibians!


Our pal Roy G. Biv introduces us to the spectrum of light, how reflection and refraction work, and of course, how a rainbow is formed.