Presenting the AR Filters by Octagon Studio. Connecting with new audiences on Instagram is now easier than ever. AR Filters are taking Instagram by a storm ever since Instagram introduced the ability for businesses and users to create their own. That‘s right. It‘s now possible to create your own custom filters for your brand. Now you have a direct way to connect, engage, and influence your followers like never before. So let‘s dive in.

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What Does a Brand Get From AR Filters?

Brands are having to compete harder than ever on social media to attract and retain audience attention. AR Filters are the newest way to capture and hold that attention. As a brand, if you want to share the latest news about your new product or event, then a filter is a great way to do that. Then your audience can share the filter in their Instagram Stories, which also prompts their friends to try it out. That means you're not only reaching an audience of one user, but a network of users across the globe. Think of it as a groundwork for users to be engaged directly with your brand, creating the social media snowball effect.

What‘s The Goal of AR Filters?

So what's this all for? It's about making what you want to share (your product, brand identity or event) as fun and interactive as possible. Providing your community a fun face filter or an interactive AR filter game, creates a positive image for your brand and allows your audience to become an active part of the end result. You shouting your message into social media, your audience on board and having fun with you procedure doesn't not exist anymore ! If you want to create your very own branded filter and don't know where to start, contact us for a consultation here. AR is growing continuously in the media industry and is expected to reach more than $61.39 billion by 2023. Hence if you commit to learn the related tools, then you can easily reach more consumers and be a part of a virtual movement!

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AR Filters Advantages