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World heritage sites are some of the planet’s most extraordinary places. Millions of people directly rely on these places for their food, jobs, freshwater and more.

Furthermore, it is also a great destination for your bucket list. For instance, there is Machu Picchu that has been a favorite site for adventurers from around the world. If we move to the Asia, who don’t know Sphinx? You can meet this mythical creature in the Pyramids of Giza, Egypt. For people who adore grand and elegant monuments, there is Acropolis of Athens in Greece. It will be such a pity if all of those precious sites get damaged and lose its magical vibe.

Shockingly, 114 natural world heritage sites are under threat from harmful industrial activities like mining, oil and gas drilling, and infrastructure.

MakeYourMark allows you to explore six world heritage sites that are currently under threat and take action to save our shared heritage. Anyway, World Heritage sites belong to all of us. Thus, it is our duty to safeguard the benefits they provide.

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