Wear 4D+ Licensing Projects

Introducing the Wear 4D+! A mobile app specifically tailored to accommodate the implementation of Augmented Reality technology in clothing lines. It is an exciting way of uncovering the hidden surprises contained in our apparel that turns the seemingly unassuming casual wears into extraordinary ones!

Sparking up clothing brands with AR-ready animated 3D characters in just a scan away!

Octagon Studio provides licensing of high-quality 3D assets for clothing brands such as Marks & Spencer, Next and LC Waikiki to be implemented on their AR-able t-shirt collections. Simply scan the image on the shirt through Wear 4D+ app to witness hidden animated images leap out of your screen, complete with true-to-life sound effects and background music.

The mobile app also provides a means to analyze and study the performance of their products. The Wear 4D+ Insight offers a comprehensive and detailed analysis, making it a very reliable and accurate tool to evaluate the overall performance of clothing brands.