On the first day of March 2021, British-born explorer and game entrepreneur Richard Garriott went on another mission to travel 36,000 ft under the sea to the deepest part of the ocean, in a two-passenger submersible designed by John Ramsay and Tom Blades, the legendary Triton 36000/2.

Venturing the Mariana Trench in AR Submersible

In collaboration with Ideas Foundation (UK) and Disrupt Space (UK), TRITON AR is bringing you the immersive experience of being inside the ‘Limiting Factor’ submersible in just a QR code scan away. Web AR technology offers an immediate AR experience only using a web viewer on compatible devices, no app downloads are necessary. Augment, rotate, rescale, and explore the full exterior and interior of this manned submersible, equipped with a full science suite and ultra-high definition filming capabilities. This AR experience is also accompanied by Richard Garriott’s 3D avatar piloting the dive.