Sharkweek 4D+ | Discovery #Mindblown

About the project

Have you seen a shark closely without a glass barrier?

Sharkweek 4D+ comes to give you a similar experience!

Shark, any of numerous species of cartilaginous fishes of predatory habit that constitute the order Selachii (class Chondrichthyes). Sharks are amazing ocean predators, and they’re some of the most powerful creatures in the sea. You may know shark from Finding Nemo. In general, they look scary, fierce, and ferocious. However, there are more about sharks that you haven’t know yet. Let’s learn shark facts about their lives, diets, habitats, and conservation status with Sharkweek 4D+!

Make friends with the shark and explore more about them with Discovery #Mindblown’s Sharkweek 4D+ Module inside the AR Vision.

Get to know the sharks better from the prehistoric Helicoprion Shark to the mighty White Shark and complete your sharks library by opening the module everyday to unlock the sharks! Feel the adrenaline rush, standing side by side to your favorite shark in a shark tank. The module is using marker less Augmented Reality technology that allows you to place your shark tank and play with the sharks anywhere anytime.

Whether you are are a kid full of curiosity or grown-up who loves to see a shark swimming around in your backyard, you will surely obtain an amazing experience. Get Sharkweek 4D+ now!