Orchard Park Batam AR App

About the project

Enjoy the thrill of exploring new properties by using Orchard Park Batam AR App!

Orchard Park Batam AR is the first Augmented Reality App used by a property developer in Indonesia, Agung Podomoro. Sometimes, clients can’t get a real sense of a product without see it by themself. But, it is impossible to bring show unit to the exhibition and that’s where AR plays their part. In another word, it is an effective marketing tool.

Architects, interior designers, or property developers can use this app to show their design before any construction commences. It has a very strong marketing capabilities. With this application, your potential clients will be able to see and experience the design, and share it to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Apart from that, we also did a collaboration with them to create an Augmented Reality exhibition booth at REI Property Exhibition 2014 at Jakarta Convention Centre, Indonesia. Visitors can experience being inside the 3D show units and interactively control movement by using hand gestures.

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