Octagon AR Titan Headset – Interactive AR Experience

About the project

Introducing the Octagon AR Titan Headset, an affordable Augmented Reality Glasses. Thanks to realistic 3D contents feature, our AR Titan will allow full interaction with your enhanced reality.

Get involved in something you’ve ever dreamed of and be a part of something impossible with it. For instance, you can meet the ancient giants from a distant past, build your own private zoo, and have the wonders of the universe in the palm of your hand where nothing is out of reach…or out of range.

Octagon AR Titan Headset features a foldable projection glass to safely secure various smartphones. Furthermore, It also provides a universal holder that definitely suitable with your smartphones. AR Titan also uses camera-based tracking software for more interactive AR experience.

In addition, you don’t need to worry about extra weight when you bring this headset for vacation as it is very light and easy to carry. With an affordable price, you can explore an extraordinary world that you have never witnessed before.

At Octagon Studio, we aim to create enjoyment and spark the love of learning, especially for children. When the thirst for knowledge and improvement have come from within, we hope our innovations can serve as a guide for everyone to find their passion.