Octagon 360 App

About the project

The Octagon360 App features a complete overhaul of the app’s engine to include exciting features such as better and friendlier User Interface, the ability to play 360 videos as well seamlessly integrating social media functions into the app. The added features have resulted in a significantly enhanced overall VR experience, as the app has been redesigned to fully support the VR mode.

This app is also intended to be a dynamic social sharing platform for 360 photos and videos enthusiasts all around the world, as users may upload and edit their work as well as subsequently sharing them with the world through the website www.octagonstudio.com.

The Octagon 360 is currently available for both Android and iOS devices; download is free as the app is designed to be compatible with most brands of smartphones with varying screen sizes. It’s also important to note that the Octagon360 App was developed to perfectly complement the Octagon VR Luna.

The three main features of the Octagon360 app are as follows:
  • Virtual Tour

Octagon Studio’s extensive collection of virtual tours spans the four corners of the globe, classified into categories such as Famous Landmarks, Beautiful Places and so on. Using gyroscopic features, the Octagon 360 allows users to view these exotic places in 360 mode and even VR mode!

  • 360 Video

The ability to view 360 videos has been seamlessly integrated into the Octagon 360 App. Users may access an array of 360 videos ranging from music concerts, to wild animal sanctuary and more. For maximum immersiveness, we recommend using the Octagon VR Luna or any other VR Headset.

  • VR Contents

Octagon VR is currently planning on integrating more features into the Octagon360 app. This feature will allow users to access exciting VR contents ranging from VR games to educational apps which can be accessed directly from the Octagon360 App.