HoloPrism – Holo Mode feature for Smartphones

About the project

Introducing HoloPrism, Octagon Studio’s Hologram Pyramid for Smartphones. See through a HoloPrism to see the animated holographic 3D models of various animals, dinosaurs, space objects, and the human anatomy from our Animal 4D+, Dinosaur 4D+, Space 4D+, and Humanoid 4D+ products and apps coming to life inside the pyramid!

Pair up with our 4D+ Flashcards apps to access the Holo Mode feature.

Fancy a visit to the zoo? Or observing extinct creatures at the museum? With Octagon HoloPrism, you can see your own animal collection without having to go to the zoo, and also resurrect the legendary Tyrannosaurus Rex and other dinosaurs in your house.

This holographic projector allows the user to project the characters on Octagon Studio Augmented Reality Flashcard series into the real world in 360 degree viewing angles. You can summon the animals and dinosaurs from Octagon Animal 4D+ and Dinosaur 4D+ apps to the real life!All you have to do is download Dinosaur 4D+ and Animal 4D+ apps, get the cards, activate the Holo Mode, and Voila! they are all your new pets now!

Here are the steps of how to use it:
  1. Open the Animal 4D+ or Dinosaur 4D+
  2. Go to 3D Library and choose Holo Mode
  3. Put HoloPrism at the center of your smartphone’s screen
  4. Voila! See the magic happens inside!

*) Access the Holo Mode feature in a dimly lit room for optimal result.