Disrupt Space Art

Enter the digital art world and be immersed in augmentable artworks and virtual gallery experience with culture, all in one app!

Amplifying the Black arts & culture community with XR technology

Octagon Studio partners with Ideas Foundation (UK) and Disrupt Space, London-based Black arts agency, in the development of an exclusive virtual gallery platform specially for their emerging artists.

Tap on the artwork in the virtual gallery space to view artwork details, augment the art to your space in real dimensions, and experience walking around in a curated art space through your device screen! Users can also switch the mood of the gallery space by clicking on the ‘skin’ button which immediately transforms the walls and floor textures into a different ones!

The app is connected to a web dashboard, where the artists log in and upload their arts. This admin dashboard also allows multiple artists to collaborate in curating virtual art exhibitions which anyone can view through the app.