Dinoland 4D+

About the project

Dinoland 4D+ is a game that includes ARKit Technology with Octagon Studio’s dinosaurs 3D assets. To give the user, new more engaging experience of playing a card and mobile game. We create an artificial pet simulation game, aimed at wide range, however it will be most suitable for kids.

Like simulation games in general, Dinoland 4D+ was created to give an idea or to introduce to the user (kids) a concept on how to treat a creature (pet).

In this game users are challenged and Involve to be able to maintain, and grow, manage dino and assets that they have so that their dino population stays alive.

The dinosaur cards to complete your dino collection, While the props and hexa blocks cards will give you various trees and terrains to build your Dinoland 4D+. Make sure to login each day to collect new dinosaurs, baby dinos, props and blocks!

Take care of your baby dinosaurs and watch them grow. Don’t forget to feed and play with them to keep them happy. Collect all 3 baby dinosaurs: Brachiosaur, Velociraptor, and the ferocious T-Rex.

Design your dino dream land and use the Hexa blocks to start building your park! Place the terrain  adjacent to each other, put some props for decorations, and place the dinosaurs you’ve collected. Don’t forget to also feed the dinosaurs or they will die out of hunger.

ARKit Experience
Place and edit your Dinoland 4D+ in AR-Kit mode and walk among the dinosaur and through your creation in real size.