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About the project

Feel the joy of playing 5 unique characters from Cerita Bintang AR now!

Cerita Bintang AR can allow your children to witness 5 characters from Cerita Bintang become alive. Each character portrays future profession of a child. There are Ballerina, Pilot, Doctor, Soccer Player, and a Musician. Your children can play 1 or 2 characters from the game.

To enjoy this game, you can download Cerita Bintang App and open it in your handphone or tablet, then you can choose to play 1 or 2 characters. Before you play, please make sure that the character on your saving book is the same with your chosen character in the application. Then, you can scan the character on the saving book with your camera phone or tablet and wait until the screen become green. Tara, you can witness your character become alive on the screen!

Learn How to Manage and Save Money Since Young Age.

Persuade your children to do good things since an early age! Teach them about the importance of money saving by setting aside some of their allowance in the Permata Bank Saving Account.

Teach Your Children to Save Money Since Early Days

Introduce the beauty of money saving for your little one in a fun way with Cerita Bintang. Let them quest the journey in Cerita Bintang that will evoke their imagination in achieving their dream.

Cerita Bintang

Cerita Bintang illustrates various future professions through book saving and debit card PermataBintang by using A.R. (Augmeneted reality) technology. In addition, your little one can also explore their creativity by coloring the pictures in Cerita Bintang themselves.

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