Tesco Mobile Christmas Campaign | Backup Marketing

About the project

Through BACKUP Marketing, Octagon Studio was given the challenge of bringing Tesco Christmas campaign’s characters to life and engage shoppers at the point of purchase. Tesco is multinational groceries and merchandise retailer from British. It is the third-largest retailer around the world and has spread its wing to 11 other countries in the world.

For Tesco Christmas, they hold a campaign to celebrate the season with foods and gifts for their happy customers. So, how Octagon Studio help them? By bringing their characters to life, our BACKUP Marketing makes their customers’ shopping experience become more fun and delight.

Remember Cody the Penguin from Surf’s Up? This little rockhopper who was dreaming to become the surfer has bombarded the theaters across the world in 2007. And guess what? We had the pleasure of using Augmented Reality to introduce visitors to Cody the Penguin and let the little ones dance together with them. Sounds fun, right? It is our goal to make our clients’ business and ever day life become better with our game-changing technologies.

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