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About the project

Join British ESA Astronout Tim Peake on the International Space Station. Share his mission moment and take up his challenge to exercise with him at 28,000 kmph, 400 km above the Earth! Packed with fun facts, videos and challenges, you will also find a cool 4D Astro Tim to give you a thumbs up!

British ESA Astronaut Tim Peake Comes to Life with New App

A new Augmented Reality (AR) app brings British ESA astronaut Tim Peake to life and sees him give ‘a thumbs up’ to his mission. Furthermore, this free app lets you relive favourite moments from Tim’s Principia mission and take up his Space to Earth Challenge to exercise the 400 km distance from the International Space Station to Earth. Above all, it packed with fun facts, videos, fitness challenges and a cool 4D Tim. The app features:

  • AR cards with animated 3D Astro Tim avatars – add a 3D Astro Tim to your own photos
  • Stunning picture and vids, straight from space
  • Tim’s top ten mission moments
  • Key info about Tim’s space adventure
  • Timeline of Tim’s return to Earth
  • Super spacesuit factoids
  • Train like Tim with his keep-fit challenges

In addition, Astro Tim App has been commissioned by the Space to Earth Challenge. Thousands of children have been taking up Tim’s fitness challenge to take part in a new space race – to step, stride, swim, spin, scoot or even spacehop the 400km distance from the International Space Station to Earth. The app has been produced by Octagon Studio who also produces Space 4D cards. Schools across the country can access more space and exercise and resources on:

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