Octagon AR+ App

About the project

Witness Printed Images Turn Into Reality with Octagon AR+ App!

AR+ App is an Augmented Reality application for mobile devices. With this app, you can see the image contents come alive by scanning the predefined images. Still can’t imagine? Picturing if you have an image of ant, then you scan the image with Octagon AR+ App through your phone. Miraculously (or maybe scientifically, to be more precise), you can see your ant live and move through the log. If you use it for class, you can make the lessons more interactive. As a result, your students will feel engaged and more motivated to learn new things.

This app can turn your experiences to be more fun and real whether you are a student, photographer, architect or you just love to see your imagination become a reality. You can also build your own AR content through its website. AR+ turns printed material into life digital contents that can be easily enjoyed, turning your mobile phone into an AR scanner.

Octagon Studio is an award-winning tech company that specialized in Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR) products and services. We keep striving to provide the best solution for your problems. Check our products to find various exceptional technologies that you could never imagine before.