Alam Sutera AR App

About the project

Get a vivid picture of Alam Sutera property with Alam Sutera AR App!

Alam Sutera is a mixed-use development located in Serpong with various products to offer, both for commercial or residential purposes. We had assisted Alam Sutera in creating a mobile application that can be easily downloaded by anyone. In a way, this app can enhance promotional strategies as well as make all information more accessible by clients.

By using Alam Sutera AR, you can turn the printed brochure into an interactive digital environment. Thus, you can truly experience what is inside the property and determine if you will really like it or not.

Before deciding to settle down somewhere, you want to know more about that area. Build your trust by getting to know Alam Sutera better in the ‘About Us’ section and marvel at their achievements in the ‘Awards’ section that you can access in the mobile app. Then, you can browse through a wide variety of products available, ranging from office suites, residential areas, or apartments. Alam Sutera AR will give you a vivid picture of your future abode through augmented house models and residential area using the ‘Scan’ feature and its corresponding AR markers.

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