Welcome to Octagon Studio's Brand Center

The Brand Center section contains instructions for the correct use of the Octagon Studio® logo, color palette, typography, business unit and site logos, social media, graphics, and photography. Anyone involved in the creation, design, and/or updating of marketing print and digital assets will want to familiarize themselves with this material to ensure all communications adhere to the brand guidelines by March 2020.

The master version of the Octagon Studio® logo has been designed to be flexible. A number of variations are available to ensure flexibility across a variety of formats.

We have a library of high-quality videos to keep you updated with the latest features and updates. You can find them all on our YouTube channel.

To ensure our words are effective, we’ve chosen two primary typefaces for the brand — Montserrat and Roboto. These typefaces are flexible and offer a wide range of iterations.

For more information about us please read our latest brochure. This brochure provides information about Octagon Studio. You can also view any of our brochures online, print, or even download a copy to your computer or mobile device.

Colour Palette
Octa Black
#111111 - Suitable for background, logo color, heading text, etc.
Octa Yellow
#fed702 - Suitable for design elements, highlight text, etc.
Octa Gray
#636363 - Suitable for body text, paragraph, subtitle, etc.
Octa White
#fafafa - Suitable for background, logo color, text, etc.