Ganesh Mane

Ganesh Mane

Director of Octagon Studio Ireland

Ganesh Mane is a young dynamic entrepreneur actively involved in the energy, mining & trading of Indonesian coal for more than decade. He is a key person behind conceptualizing, researching, developing & achieving Fareast Coal & Energy Resources Pte Ltd(FCER), the company’s current position as a co-founder. Ganesh got its Bachelors of Engineering(B.E.) in Computer Science degree from V.J.T.I. Mumbai, the most reputed and one of the oldest institutes in India. Ganesh also got his Master in Management Studies(MMS) Finance degree from JBIMS, Mumbai one of the most reputed management institutes in India.

He started the coal mining business of Shree Renuka Group in Indonesia and played a pivotal role in establishing PT Renuka Coalindo Tbk, Jakarta listed company. He used to work with Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd before getting into energy & coal mining space.

FCER has acquired several concessions in different part of Indonesia under his leadership. His abled leadership has helped FCER to establish its name in the coal mining & trading industry with exporting more than 3 Million MT of coal to India and China in the calendar year 2018.

He founded RAAG Group as diversification strategy for agro commodities trading and monetize on his more than a decade business experience of Indonesia and his deep rooted political and business relationships.